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PRG is unique. We bring government relations, strategic communications and legal representation services together under one roof. Using a holistic approach, we incorporate elements of each area as needed. We work in collaboration with our clients to reach innovative solutions to their problems and capitalize on opportunities to improve their competitiveness.

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Our case studies demonstrate how we bring together government relations, strategic communications and legal representation to serve a wide range of corporations, industry coalitions, trade associations, entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions and government entities.

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Over the weekend, the US and China agreed to resume trade negotiations and temporarily halt further tariff hikes. @jczive weighed in for @SPGlobal, saying the hope is that some degree of cooling off will create the possibility for good-faith negotiations.…

The latest episode of @TheLobbyShopPod explores the history and politics surrounding immigration reform with @TheToddSchulte of @FWDus. Tune in for a great discussion.…

New episode of @TheLobbyShopPod is live - tune in wherever you get your podcasts for a great interview with Jon Ralston of @TheNVIndy.…

In @washingtonpost's Finance 202, @LPDonovan says of infrastructure ambitions in the 116th Congress, "If the mutual will is there politically, then the funding will be there. If you can broker a deal in principle, the rest will work itself out."…

@LPDonovan @dailybriefing "I think they call it a lame-duck for a reason. Smart Ds know they don't win on single-payer, that's something Rs want to talk about. When you're talking about drug prices and pre-existing conditions, that's where Ds are on firmer ground and where they'll go in the new Congress."

PRG's @LPDonovan is on FOX's @dailybriefing to discuss healthcare bills in the 116th Congress.

.@johnlee628 points to Dec 7 as date to watch, wonders how Congress keeps government funded by reconciling President Trump’s want for the wall with the potential need for Democratic votes.

In post-election webinar, @Nate_in_DC and @johnlee628 anticipate that the CPSC will likely focus on developing standards using voluntary processes, expect greater Congressional oversight of CPSC activities.

Now at the post-election webinar table, @jczive, @Nate_in_DC and @johnlee628 talking trade. Group predicts increased Congressional focus on trade, more hearings on tariffs, but legislation unlikely. Still, threat of legislation may be effective in dialing back Administration.

PRG’s Anna Burhop and @LPDonovan on post-election webinar predict that there will be an infrastructure package, but caution - as much as Congress may be excited about an infrastructure bill, they will have to figure out a way to pay for it. #ElectionResults

.@TheBrianWolff says Pelosi priorities include pushing forward a large infrastructure package, addressing Obamacare to preserve coverage for preexisting conditions, tackling climate change through reconstituting the House Select Committee on Climate Change. #ElectionResults

In PRG post-election analysis, @TheBrianWolff says he doesn’t see Dems going down the road of cap-and-trade.

.@TheBrianWolff points out that President Trump has a relationship with Speaker Pelosi, called to congratulate her last night. #ElectionResults

PRG Co-Chair @EDeeMartin offers two main takeaways from 2018 Midterm results: (1) The role of women, first as candidates and voters, and now as elected officials and leaders and (2) The role of oversight with more expected investigation activity.

Chaos to Clarity

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