Strategic Communications

We design and implement comprehensive and targeted strategic communications campaigns to reach key policymakers, members of the media, a wide array of stakeholders and the public. Our team includes former journalists and Congressional press secretaries, veteran public relations professionals and digital natives.

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Message Development 

We help clients develop, articulate and deliver focused messages that soundly and persuasively advance their policy priorities and rebut counter-argument.

Media Relations

We routinely interact with journalists and editorial writers in national, local and trade media outlets on behalf of our clients, both proactively to drive news coverage, and reactively in response to negative or controversial stories.

Executive and Spokesperson Media Training

We provide a comprehensive media training program designed to equip participants with the skills they need to successfully manage media interviews. Our highly interactive sessions teach effective key message formulation and delivery techniques through discussion and simulated interviews.

Digital Communications

We design and deliver broad-scale, cross-platform social media campaigns from strategy design to engagement analysis. Though integrated graphic design, we develop compelling websites and produce effective visual explainer tools including infographics and videos. Through social media, we engage with traditional media outlets, legislators, regulators, other stakeholders and the public on behalf of clients.

​​​​​​​Crisis Communications

We assist clients in preparing for and managing communications during crises. We preemptively identify risks and develop appropriate crisis communications plans. We work with clients to organize rapid response teams and develop key messages and materials. We also manage real-time reactions, ensuring the distribution of accurate information in a timely manner to the public, media, stakeholders and government officials.

Reputation Management

We work with clients to counteract negative content and stop the spread of false or misleading information in the media and online. We also manage reputation restoration projects, helping clients place and promote truthful, positive content when it is needed most.  

Litigation Support

We work side-by-side with Bracewell’s legal team and other lawyers to protect our clients’ reputations in the court of public opinion. With the utmost sensitivity to legal issues, we seek to create understanding and support among key stakeholders and the public.