George D. Felcyn


George Felcyn is an experienced communications professional providing strategic advocacy, media relations and public affairs services to a wide range of clients. He has designed and implemented communications campaigns on energy-related trading, infrastructure development and environmental policy matters; maritime and offshore development; financial services; and international trade issues. He helps clients achieve policy objectives and take advantage of opportunities, as well as address negative scenarios, including crisis planning and response.

George's background encompasses journalism, public policy and strategic communications. He joined Bracewell after five years at an international public affairs firm, where he carried out communications campaigns on behalf of multinational corporations, trade associations, international financial institutions and U.S. government agencies.

As a journalist, George worked in print, radio and television, covering political, business and international affairs issues, including Presidential primary campaigns. He also worked overseas in Tirana, Albania identifying and developing viable independent media programming and fostering democratic debate, and ran the programming for an international affairs and public policy think tank based in Los Angeles.

M.A., Communication, Culture and Technology, Georgetown University, 2003
Honors Certificate, International Business Diplomacy, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, 2003
B.A., Trinity College, 1991

Known For: Developing and implementing strategic communications, financial communications and crisis communications campaigns for U.S. and multinational clients.

Interesting Career Note: During a trip to a small town in southern Albania on a USAID project, George and colleagues were treated to dinner at a local restaurant. The dinner featured plentiful amounts of fresh rabbit stew and a local red wine. To express his gratitude for the meal, he accepted the host’s offer of a prized rabbit eye. Beyond gaining the lasting respect of his colleagues, George discovered that rabbit eye has roughly the same texture as liver.

Fast Fact: George first met his future father-in-law, an Argentine military man, on an airstrip in southern Patagonia, where he commanded the regional battalion. He welcomed George dressed in full camouflage, black beret and black boots. He also wore a sidearm. George was a model visitor during the trip.

Washington Speechwriters Roundtable

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