PRG’s Curt Beaulieu Reviews Tax Text by Finance Committee Chair

Insight - March 09, 2015

A book review by PRG’s tax expert Curt Beaulieu was published by leading industry publication, Tax Analysts®.  Curt reviews Comprehensive Tax Reform for 2015 and Beyond, a 342-page primer on the history of taxes in the US written by Finance Committee Chair Orrin G. Hatch and his staff.

Interested in the topic, but don’t have time to read Chairman Hatch’s book?  No problem.

Curt, who served as tax counsel on the Senate Finance Committee and for the ranking member of the House Ways and Means Committee before joining PRG, did the work for you.  His review “analyzes hundreds of pages, which analyzed thousands of pages.”

Read his full article (just over 3 pages!) for five specific items to note in Hatch’s book.

Comprehensive Tax Reform For 2015 and Beyond Book Review 2.26.15