Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP Hosts Fourth Post-Election Webinar

PRG News - November 07, 2018

Washington, DC – Over three hundred listeners tuned in today to a post-election webinar hosted by the Policy Resolution Group at Bracewell LLP (PRG). The hour-long presentation included insights and analysis from PRG’s Washington, DC-based government relations and strategic communications professionals. 

The webinar slide deck and an enhanced, archived version of the audio are available on the PRG website.

The 2018 post-election webinar is the fourth installment of PRG’s award-winning morning-after reaction series. Premiering in 2012, the PRG post-election webinar is now a biennial staple of PRG’s content, helping clients, industry stakeholders, members of the news media and others interpret election results and anticipate their consequences.

PRG Co-Chair Scott Segal launched the conversation by contrasting reactions to election results.

“It is hard to call a winner and loser in last night’s election,” Segal said. “When Barack Obama presided over a midterm election that resulted in losing the House, but holding the Senate, he called it a ‘shellacking.’ But President Trump referred to last night’s outcome as a ‘tremendous victory.’ So it’s all a matter of perspective.”

Segal also recounted critical Congressional Committee leadership changes at House Energy and Commerce, House National Resources and House Oversight.

The PRG team was joined for this year’s webinar by guest panelist Brian Wolff, executive vice president of policy and external affairs at EEI and former senior strategist to Leader Nancy Pelosi. 

Wolff, who suggested that his former boss would be a good choice for the speaker’s seat when the Democrats assume control of the House in the next Congress, indicated that Leader Pelosi and President Trump could work together on issues important to all Americans.

“Last night, they already outlined some issues that they plan to work on,” Wolff said, “including pushing forward a large infrastructure package and tweaking aspects of Obamacare to fix prescription drug prices and address coverage for preexisting conditions.”

The webinar discussion spanned a wide-range of topics and showcased the diversity of expertise among PRG professionals including:


Detailed written briefs on each of the policy topic areas are also available on the PRG website.

The webinar reflects PRG’s commitment to providing industry-leading insight that analyzes policy and political issues as well as Congressional and constituent priorities.

“The bottom line of our work is helping Congress do their work,” Segal noted. “There is often talk about money around politics, but money is usually just a sideshow.  Providing access to information, enhancing understanding of policy initiatives, ensuring quality assurance and control - those are the real currency of Washington.”

More post-election coverage from PRG will be available in the coming days. Look for new episodes of PRG’s popular podcast, The Lobby Shop featuring discussions on election implications for the President’s policy agenda and what to expect a Democratic House and Republican Senate.

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