Energy Update: Week of September 19

Energy Update - September 19, 2016


With yesterday’s successes at the Emmys, it looks like the OJ Simpson case has returned to the spotlight.  Veep and Game of Thrones also scored big victories.  Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about OJ having a jailhouse watch party was the best of the night with the Matt Damon “apples” line a close second (one of my favorite lines from Good Will Hunting – especially now since Hannah seems to be hanging out in Cambridge on Saturday evenings nowadays).  On the sports front, it was pretty exciting to see hockey back with the opening weekend for the World Cup of Hockey.  I just love the look of the Under 23 North American Team.

The busy times continue this week on Capitol Hill with Congress racing through budgets and energy bill conference discussions, trying to get to an elections sprint (less than 50 days to Election Day).  Also, groups representing rural co-ops, distributed wind developers, air conditioning contractors, Geothermal Heat Pump manufacturers, home builders and others will be on Capitol Hill later in the week to push for extending expiring tax credits for renewables like geothermal heat pumps because they deserve tax parity with the solar/wind tax incentives extended in late-2015.

We expect to see new regulations this week on Autonomous Vehicles from NHTSA.  We are getting to an interesting point where the regulations will impact the way AVs are developed.  Last week, SAFE announced its new commission on the subject with a number of great experts including former NTSB Chair Mark Rosenker, NIH’s Director of Emergency Medicine Dr. Jeremy Brown, former GM exec Bob Lange and Admiral Dennis Blair, among others. The Commission will study and recommend best practices for industry and other parties for testing and early deployment of autonomous vehicles in real-world conditions.  As the rules roll out, let me know if you need resources on the topic.

We also expect the Chamber will release another piece of its new Energy Accountability series this week.  Chamber President Tom Donohue penned a recent op-ed on the “keep it in the ground” movement, pointing to the Energy Institute’s recent Federal lands report. Another report is expected later this week so stay tuned.

The policy issues clash with the campaign trail in Pittsburgh Thursday when Donald Trump speaks at Shale Insight. Trump is scheduled to speak before almost 2,000 attendees, where insiders say he’s likely to delve deeper into a strategy that he first outlined in North Dakota earlier this year.

Finally, the annual SEJ Conference starts Wednesday in Sacramento.  Of course, Bracewell’s PRG will be hosting our annual big reception on Thursday Night to welcome everyone.

CPP Arguments are next Tuesday at the DC Circuit.  Jeff Holmstead and Scott Segal are available to preview the key arguments for you this week.  We can probably also help you find others representing the Chamber and NRECA, so feel free to call with questions.



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“The technology being deployed at the Kemper County energy facility is tremendously important and highlights the benefits of 21st century coal as part of the full portfolio of energy resources.”

Southern Company Chairman, President and CEO Thomas A. Fanning.



POLITICO Story Highlights Rural Co-op Renewable Efforts – A story in POLITICO this morning details ways that some rural electric cooperatives are looking to expand their renewable energy portfolios. Esther Whieldon reports that environmental regulations and the falling cost of renewable power are increasing pressure for cooperatives to add more wind, solar, electricity storage and hydropower to their systems. The cooperatives are trying to keep up with a changing customer base as the rural areas they brought electricity to become more urbanized. But many find their hands tied by supply contracts that typically last 40 years or more, as well as an institutional resistance to policies that can be seen as anti-coal.   NRECA CEO & former Utah Rep. Jim Matheson said “We have a number of our members who are in a number of different circumstances. It’s not our job to prefer one technology over another… It’s our job to make sure our members have the ability to make the best possible decisions, provide the best possible information to their consumers.”

Kemper Project Closes in on Commercial Operation – Southern Company said it has started producing syngas using the second gasifier at the Kemper County energy facility – continuing progress toward the project’s commercial operation.  Syngas is created when the locally-mined lignite is heated at high temperatures in the plant’s gasifiers, converting the coal to gas. The syngas, which is used similarly to natural gas, will produce electricity through the plant’s combustion turbines.  The company announced on July 15 that the project had produced its first syngas, demonstrating the viability of the Transport Integrated Gasification (TRIG™) technology which is being used for the first time at commercial scale at the facility. TRIG™ was developed by Southern Company, KBR and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in Wilsonville, Ala. over the past two decades at the Power Systems Development Facility, a research facility operated in partnership between the DOE and Southern Company.  During the coming weeks, the Kemper team will be focused on proceeding toward operation at sustained capacity levels necessary for completion of the activities for the initial operations and testing of the syngas clean-up systems and the production of electricity using syngas. Ahead of using the syngas as fuel, it will be burned off using the plant’s flare stacks.

DTF to Look at Near-Zero Emissions at SEJ – The Diesel Technology Forum will be hosting an exhibition of advanced clean diesel technology and renewable diesel fuel at the Society of Environmental Journalist’s 26th Annual Conference in Sacramento, CA, on Thursday and Friday to showcase the most advanced near-zero emissions technology available in the transportation and off-road industries.  The Forum’s “Meeting the Climate and Clean Air Challenge for the Future” Learning Center brings together the largest and most diverse display of fuel-efficient commercial trucks, top-selling diesel pickup trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, and even a locomotive engine in California – the national leader in advancing clean air and climate protection policies.

CSU Study to Look at Well Emissions – A groundbreaking new study on air pollution from oil and gas wells along Colorado’s Front Range indicates that pollution levels are higher during relatively short periods of time before wells go into production than they are in the years that follow.  Jeffrey Collett, professor and head of Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Science, on Thursday presented the results of the study to the Air Quality Control Commission, part of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

GM to Hopes to Power Facilities With Renewables – General Motors said it is committing to power all of its global operations completely by renewable energy by 2050.  GM said its goal is to generate or source electrical power for 350 facilities in 59 countries with renewable wind, sun and landfill gas energy during the next three-plus decades. This year, GM expects to have 3.8 % of electricity use come from renewable resources.

AHRI Releases July 2016 U.S. Heating and Cooling Equipment Shipment Data – AHRI released data from July 2016 regarding shipments of Residential Storage Water Heaters, Commercial Storage Water Heaters, Warm Air Furnaces and Central Air Conditioners and Air-Source Heat Pumps.   U.S. shipments of residential gas storage water heaters for July 2016 increased 3% to 339,690 units, up from 329,896 units shipped in July 2015. Residential electric storage water heater shipments increased 17.4% in July 2016 to 313,191 units, up from 266,777 units shipped in July 2015.   For the year-to-date, U.S. shipments of residential gas storage water heaters decreased 10.5 percent to 2,492,545, compared to 2,783,727 units shipped during the same period in 2015. Residential electric storage water heater shipments decreased 9.9 percent year-to-date to 2,325,314 units, compared to 2,579,986 units shipped during the same period in 2015.  Commercial gas storage water heater shipments increased 10.2% in July 2016 to 7,874 units, up from 7,143 units shipped in July 2015. Commercial electric storage water heater shipments increased 47.6 percent in July 2016 to 10,328 units, up from 6,999 units shipped in July 2015.  Year-to-date U.S. shipments of commercial gas storage water heaters decreased 1.5% to 59,176 units, compared with 60,071 units shipped during the same period in 2015. Year-to-date commercial electric storage water heater shipments increased 47.0 percent to 73,103 units, up from 49,732 units shipped during the same period in 2015.  U.S. shipments of gas warm air furnaces for July 2016 increased 4% to 230,486 units, up from 221,563 units shipped in July 2015. Oil warm air furnace shipments increased 11.2% to 2,111 units in July 2016, up from 1,899 units shipped in July 2015.   Year-to-date U.S. shipments of gas warm air furnaces increased 5.3% to 1,519,632 units, compared with 1,442,979 units shipped during the same period in 2015. Year-to-date U.S. shipments of oil warm air furnaces decreased 4.5% to 15,282, compared with 16,007 units shipped during the same period in 2015.   U.S. shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps totaled 785,255 units in July 2016, up 8.1% from 726,607 units shipped in July 2015. U.S. shipments of air conditioners increased 8.7 percent to 551,121 units, up from 506,914 units shipped in July 2015. U.S. shipments of air-source heat pumps increased 6.6 percent to 234,134 units, up from 219,693 units shipped in July 2015. Year-to-date combined shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps increased 2.7% to 4,774,720 units, up from 4,647,370 units shipped in July 2015. Year-to-date shipments of central air conditioners increased 4.4% to 3,232,815 units, up from 3,095,315 units shipped during the same period in 2015. The year-to-date total for heat pump shipments decreased 0.7% to 1,541,905 units, down from 1,552,055 units shipped during the same period in 2015.

US Solar Installments Grow – Growing 43% year-over-year, the U.S. saw 2,051 MW of solar photovoltaics installed in Q2 2016. According to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association’s latest U.S. Solar Market Insight report, this marks the eleventh consecutive quarter in which more than 1 GW of PV was installed.  Click here to download the rest of the key findings from the Q3 2016 report.



AGA Food Truck Highlights NatGas Use – The American Gas Association (AGA) said its natural gas-fueled food truck will be cooking with natural gas and serving free grilled cheese sandwiches around Capitol Hill today through next Friday, September 30th. The modernized food truck will help to demonstrate the relationship between natural gas and daily American life by bringing the benefits of cooking with natural gas to the public during their lunch hour. In order to receive a free grilled cheese, all you have to do is tweet to eat. Follow AGA on Twitter at @aga_naturalgas to get the latest details on the location of the food truck. Show up during lunch, smart phone in hand, and tweet using the hashtag #NatGasFuelsUs. Step up to the window and show your tweet as part of the online dialogue about natural gas to the food truck team and you will receive a grilled cheese of your choice.

Georgetown Nuke Summit Set – The Georgetown University School of Medicine and Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service ‘s Science, Technology & International Affairs (STIA) will host its 2016 Nuclear Security Summit today. The summit focuses on four topics: (1) Nuclear policy & international collaborations; (2) Nuclear security (weapons control); (3) Nuclear security (nuclear power plant safeties); (4) Tools to assess ionizing radiation and its impacts.  Ambassador Robert Gallucci, who served as the Dean of the School of Foreign Service for 13 years until 2009, kindly agreed to present a keynote address for this year’s summit.

SAFE, ATA to Host NatGas Fleet Webinar – Today at Noon, the American Trucking Association and SAFE will host a special Transport Topics LiveOnWeb program on the topic of natural gas technology and the use of natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel for America’s fleets.  The conversation will be headlined by Frederick W. Smith, President and CEO of FedEx Corporation and co-Chair of SAFE’s Energy Security Leadership Council, and T. Boone Pickens, business magnate and financier, as well as Matt Godlewski, President of Natural Gas Vehicles for America.

Groups to Launch Nuclear Report –Today at Noon, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Union of Concerned Scientists will host the U.S. Launch of the 2016 World Nuclear Industry Status Report.  The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2016 offers valuable insights of the global state of the nuclear industry by providing a comprehensive overview of nuclear plant data, including information on operation, production and construction, as well as an assessment of the financial status of many of the biggest industrial players in the sector.

Conference, Panel to Look at Lower Oil Prices, Impacts – Tonight at 5:00 p.m., the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington will host a conference on the impact of the protracted period of dramatically lower oil prices on the Gulf Arab states and oil producing countries around the world. This panel concludes the conference, “Petro Diplomacy: Challenges in the New Energy World,” which will focus on key drivers of the oil price outlook, upstream oil investment strategies, economic and energy policy reforms in the GCC, and the impact of lower prices on foreign policy agendas at the regional and global levels. Speakers will present highlights and recommendations from the day’s discussion.

Forum to Look at Energy Storage – YPE, Energy Storage Association, PJM Interconnection and others will host a discussion tonight at 6:00 p.m. focused on the rapidly developing world of energy storage. We will cover the major factors in technology and policy that have influenced the development of the energy storage market to date, and then explore potential drivers of future growth.

Drillers to Host Offshore 101 Forum – The International Association of Drilling Contractors will hold a discussion tomorrow at Noon in 406 Dirksen on Offshore Drilling Rigs 101.

BPC to Host Infrastructure Model Forum in CO – Tomorrow at Noon in Denver, the Bipartisan Policy Center holds a discussion to both explore how Colorado can continue to push the envelope and assess ways to systematically incentivize and implement new infrastructure investment models around the country.  Executive Council on Infrastructure recently released the report Bridging the Gap Together: A New Model to Modernize U.S. Infrastructure, which proposes a framework to unite projects that need funding with private capital that is ready to invest. Colorado has been a national leader in innovative infrastructure delivery, with a number of projects – both in development and completed – that demonstrate the value of partnering with the private sector.  Speakers will include former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros and several others.

Hudson to Look at Nuclear Treaty – Tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., Hudson Institute will host a panel to discuss the administration’s circumvention of the Senate on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, including the rationale and implications of such action. Former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl and former Asst Secretary of State Stephen Rademaker will also review some of the reasons the Senate rejected the treaty in 1999 and why those concerns remain valid in the contemporary global environment. Hudson Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs will moderate the discussion.

Event to Look at Paris Progress – Tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., Climate Advisers CEO Nigel Purvis and E3G CEO Nick Mabey will host a discussion at the National Press Club with government leaders from the United States, Germany and Canada on the transatlantic vision for post-Paris climate ambition. These countries are playing a leadership role in defining the low carbon future, through mid-century strategies they plan to release this year.  The event will highlight the opportunity these groundbreaking strategies provide for setting a global standard for ambition over the long term, and in maintaining momentum on climate action post-COP21 and the Paris Agreement.

Wolf Blitzer Honored at 4th Estate Dinner – Tomorrow night, the National Press Club’s Journalism Institute will host the 44th annual Fourth Estate Award Dinner.  The event will honor longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer.  CNN President Jeff Zucker and many others will toast/roast Blitzer’s career.

House Resource to Look at CEQ GHG Guidance – The House Committee on Natural Resources will hold an oversight hearing Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. on the impacts of the Obama CEQ’s Final Guidance for GHG emissions and the effects of climate change.  Witnesses will include CEQ’s Mike Boots.

House Science Look at DOE Intimidation of Scientists – The House Science Committee’s Subcommittees on Oversight and Energy will hold a joint hearing Wednesday examining misconduct and Intimidation of scientists by DOE officials.  Witnesses will include two DOE scientist who are raising concerns, Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax and Dr. Noelle Metting. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will also hold a hearing Thursday on “misconduct and mismanagement” at the National Park Service.  The hearing is part of the panel’s recent scrutiny of the agency and how it handles sexual harassment.

Atlantic Council to Host Inhofe, Whitehouse on Nuclear – The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center will host a discussion on Wednesday at Noon on bipartisan legislative efforts to preserve and strengthen US leadership at the cutting edge of nuclear energy technology. Senators Jim Inhofe and Sheldon Whitehouse will address efforts to promote public-private partnerships on advanced nuclear energy technology, to modernize the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s functions, and to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactors in the United States.  Richard Morningstar, Founding Director and Chairman of the Global Energy Center, will deliver welcoming remarks and Ben Geman of the National Journal will moderate the discussion.

Air Regulators Hold Meeting – The Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies’ will hold its 2016 Fall Business Meeting on Wednesday to Friday in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel – Brownstone – University.  Experts from AAPCA Member agencies and U.S. EPA, including the Office of General Counsel, Air Quality Assessment Division, Air Quality Policy Division, and Health and Environmental Impact Division, will provide updates on topics like best practices, air quality modeling, Clean Air Act legal issues, NAAQS and many other issues.

Forum to Look at Southern Gas Corridor – On Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center will convene a panel of experts to discuss the current state of the Southern Corridor and the challenges it faces in the future.  The Southern Gas Corridor has been years in the planning and its proposed completion date (2018-2020 timeframe) is rapidly approaching. Real progress has been made in recent years: confirmation of the route in 2013 and groundbreaking for construction in Turkey and Greece 2016.  But challenges remain, including regional security issues, local opposition along parts of the route, stagnant gas demand in Western Europe, and the decreasing cost of imported liquefied natural gas.

Conservatives to Hold Clean Energy Summit – On Wednesday evening and Thursday, the Christian Coalition and the Young Conservatives for Energy Reform is co-sponsoring an event at the Capitol Hill Hyatt that will bring together grassroots leaders and activists from across the country to hear key leaders from the legislative, military and business communities speak on energy reform and the effects it has on our economy, our national security and our environment.

SEJ Conference Set For Sacramento – The annual Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) Conference will be Wednesday to Sunday in Sacramento.  Of course, Bracewell’s PRG will be hosting our annual big reception on Thursday Night to welcome everyone.  There are a number of great panels with BrightSource’s Energy Joe Desmond, former CEQ chief Jim Connaughton, Cal EPA official Mary Nichols and former EPA #2 Bob Perciasepe among those on panels.

NY Ratification Event to Include World Leaders – Well if you thought the Paris Accord was not a treaty, you might not want to attend the event on Wednesday in New York where UN head Ban ki-Moon is asking countries to celebrate the ratification of the Accord.  In a recent letter, Ban asked countries to accelerate your country’s domestic process for ratification of the Agreement this year.  At least 20 countries have indicated they will formally join the Paris Agreement on Wednesday at a United Nations event in New York.

Energy Engineering Congress Set – The 39th World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) will be held on Wednesday to Friday at the Walter Washington Convention Center.  The WEEC looks at economic and market forces, new technologies, regulatory developments and industry trends.  Speakers include former Meet The Press host David Gregory, former Shell CEO John Hofmeister, Toyota Reg VP Tom Stricker and Tesla  Technology officer J.B. Straubel.  WCEE and Leaders in Energy will also host a reception on Thursday night of the event.

ASE to Host Efficiency Day on Hill – On Thursday on Capitol Hill, the ASE’s Great Energy Efficiency Day (GEED) will return to discuss the role of energy efficiency in an integrated grid.  For more than a decade, GEED has brought together hundreds of leaders from business, industry, academia and government for robust dialogues on energy efficiency’s most pressing issues.

North American Energy Summit Set – The Wilson Center’s Mexico and Canada Institutes are hosting their Third Annual North American Energy Forum on Thursday at the Wilson Center.  Keynote speaker is Cesar Hernández Ochoa, Mexican Undersecretary of Energy for Electricity in the Ministry of Energy.

House Energy to Look at CAFE Rules – The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing Thursday on US fuel efficiency rules to discuss whether the 2022 through 2025 model year requirements are reasonable or require changes.   The committee will review if next generation standards are impacting vehicle choices, raising prices, and most importantly whether they are pushing low-income consumers out of the car-buying market altogether.  Witnesses include EPA Air Chief Janet McCabe, NHTSA Counsel Paul Hemmersbaugh, Global Automakers CEO John Bozzella, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers CEO Mitch Bainwol, NADA CEO Peter Welch, former OIRA Head and current IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs dean John Graham, John German of the International Council on Clean Transportation and Consumer Federation of America’s Mark Cooper.

CSIS Forum Look at Energy Transition in Germany – On Thursday, CSIS will host a discussion on energy transitions with perspectives on Germany and the United States with Rainer Baake, German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy.  White House energy expert Dan Utech and NREL Director Martin Keller will also speak.

Forum to Launch NatGas Book – On Thursday at 12:00 p.m., the Atlantic Council will hold a forum to launch the book, “The Future of Natural Gas Markets & Geopolitics.”  The role of natural gas in the global energy mix has witnessed a remarkable evolution in the past few decades. In this context of rapid changes in the energy market and shifts in geopolitical relationships, The Future of Natural Gas: Markets and Geopolitics provides a comprehensive and rigorous analysis on the role of natural gas in the future global energy mix.

WCEE Forum to Look at Residential Energy Efficiency – The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) will host a lunch forum on Thursday at the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility to look at residential sector energy use. Introducing innovative energy efficiency technologies in new and existing homes as well as multifamily buildings will contribute to reduce consumers’ energy bills, help address climate change, benefit the environment, and enhance the nation’s energy security.  Implementing energy efficiency practices, performing home energy audits, improving insulation, replacing water heaters and appliances are the most common solutions.   Speakers will include DOE’s Joan Glickman and Megan Houston of the Institute for Marketing Transformation.

JHU Election Forum to Look at Energy Platforms – On Thursday at 4:00 p.m., Johns Hopkins University will host a forum at the Rome Auditorium that will feature a panel will discuss the energy policies of both political parties before the upcoming election.

SHALE INSIGHT Set for Pittsburgh – The Marcellus Shale Coalition will hold its 6th annual SHALE INSIGHT Conference at the Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  The focus of this year’s conference is the next phase of the shale revolution and will emphasize end use and connecting the market place through infrastructure. The conference will feature keynote presentations, an interactive and robust exhibit floor, tailored panel discussions, the Technology Showcase and a Natural Gas Use Marketplace, which all present networking opportunities for attendees.

BGov Forum to Look at Nuclear Power – On Friday at 8:00 a.m. Bloomberg BNA and Nuclear Matters will host a breakfast event exploring the clean energy benefits and value of nuclear power. Our distinguished speakers will discuss nuclear energy’s role in cutting emissions as federal and state policies to reduce existing power plant emissions go into effect, and as the Supreme Court considers the Clean Power Plan.

Coal Council CEO to Address Energy Group – The U.S. Association for Energy Economics (USAEE) National Capital Area will host its monthly lunch on Friday featuring Janet Gellici of the National Coal Council.  Gellici will take a hard look at the current state of the coal industry and focus her remarks on market and policy hurdles confronting the coal industry.  She will also provide an overview of initiatives to overcome these challenges, including efforts to advance policy parity for low-carbon technology deployment and markets for CO2 utilization.



Transmission Forum to Look at Key Western Issues – Infocast’s 8th Transmission Summit West, will be Held on September 26-28 in San Diego, CA at the Marriott La Jolla.  The Summit brings together senior transmission industry owners, operators, generators, regulators, financiers and other key players to address the strategic, regulatory, investment and technology issues facing the industry, and explore strategies for maximizing the true value of their business.

Wilson to Host Climate Conflict Forum – Next Monday at 3:00 p.m., the Woodrow Wilson Center will host a forum as part of an ongoing effort by ECSP to investigate the conflict and peace-building potential of climate change, including two reports: “Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Migration” and A New Climate for Peace: Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks.  The event will feature a roundtable discussion on current efforts to understand the potential “backdraft” effect of responses to climate change.

USEA to Look at CCS, Paris – Next Tuesday, USEA will host a forum featuring John Gale of IEA.  Gale will make presentations that will review the outcomes of the Paris Agreement with regard to mitigation needs and the role of CCS in any future mitigation strategies both short term and post 2030. The presentation will assess the research and policy needs to position CCS in future mitigation strategies that countries will provide to the UNFCCC as their Intended National Contributions.  It will examine the role that the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Program can play in  meeting those future research/policy needs to ensure that CCS technologies can be deployed effectively to meet both short term and long term climate strategies.

WCEE Forum to Look at Energy Security – The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) will host a Brown Bag lunch next Tuesday looking at security of the energy industry.  The advance of new technologies and the introduction of new players and new potential interactions on the grid have made the industry very aware of threats and potential game changers. Cyber security and physical security are just two of the constant concerns of those who manage the industry’s assets.  Speakers will be former DOE Officials Jeff Lane and Peter Tseronis, the former Chief Tech Officer.

Clean Power Plan Hits DC Circuit – The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments next Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in a case challenging the Clean Power Plan, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation limiting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing power plants. The hearing by the full court is the first time judges will hear arguments on the merits of the rule. Many expect the circuit court decision will be appealed to, and may ultimately be heard by, the U.S. Supreme Court. The Clean Power Plan is on hold while it makes its way through the legal system.

Foxx, Moniz to Host Infrastructure Forum – The Center for American Progress and NextGen Climate America will host a half-day conference on Wednesday September 28th featuring three-panel discussions centered on energy, water, and transportation infrastructure. Our distinguished speakers and experts will discuss how federal policymakers can update America’s infrastructure to create jobs, protect public health, and respond to the intensifying challenges of climate change.  Keynote speakers will include Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Forum to Review CPP Oral Arguments – The DC Bar and the Environmental Law Institute will host a forum on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. at Beveridge & Diamond to discuss the oral arguments from the Clean Power plan.  Speakers will include NRDC’s Dave Doniger, Peabody’s Tristan Duncan, WV Solicitor Elbert Lin, and EPA’s Ethan Shenkman.

CSIS to Host Maritime Security Discussion – The Maritime Security Dialogue will be held on October 3rd at 10:00 a.m. and will bring together CSIS and USNI, two of the nation’s most respected non-partisan institutions. The series is intended to highlight the particular challenges facing the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, from national level maritime policy to naval concept development and program design. Given budgetary challenges, technological opportunities, and ongoing strategic adjustments, the nature and employment of U.S. maritime forces are likely to undergo significant change over the next ten to fifteen years. The Maritime Security Dialogue provides an unmatched forum for discussion of these issues with the nation’s maritime leaders.  Admiral John M. Richardson, USN Chief of Naval Operations will be the speaker.

Holmstead to Lead BPC Panel on EPA Rule – The Bipartisan Policy Center will hold a forum on Tuesday October 4th for a panel discussion with leading legal experts to unpack the arguments presented to the circuit court on September 27 in a case challenging EPA’s Clean Power Plan.  They will also be asked to read the tea leaves on the judges’ questions and reactions.  Speakers will include my Colleague Jeff Holmstead, Hunton’s Allison Wood, NRDC’s David Doniger and Chris Courchesne of the Massachusetts AG’s Office.

Rogers Headlines New Energy Summit – The 2016 New Energy Summit will be held in Washington at the House of Sweden on October 17-18, 2016 in Washington, DC. The 4th annual event will cover such topics as tax equity, community solar, net metering, and more. This year’s event will also feature a roster of pioneers, innovators and industry champions including Jigar Shah – Co-Founder of Generate Capital, Jim Rogers – Former CEO of Duke Energy, and Reed Hundt – Co-Founder of Coalition for Green Capital.

CIBO Meeting Set – The Council of Industrial Boiler Owners (CIBO) will hold its annual meeting on October 18-19th In Woodstock, Vermont.  The meeting will consider the energy and environmental questions corporate and institutional CEO’s and Government legislative and regulatory leaders will be asking in the upcoming year as well as discuss the broader energy and environmental issues that could be impacting overall corporate operations and planning in the near term.

Conference to Focus on Consumers, Cities – On November 1st and 2nd, The Energy Times 2nd annual Empowering Customers and Cities conference will be held in Chicago.  The conference we will feature Jeremy Rifkin, bestselling author of 20 books on science, technology and the economy, society and the environment. Rifkin will kick off our conference and lay out his entire vision for the coming global transformation and how it will transform electric power production and consumption.  Anne Pramaggiore, President and CEO of ComEd, will discuss ComEd’s vision of what its customers will want and need in coming years, and the steps they are taking to provide those services. Thomas Birr, Chief Strategy Officer of RWE, Germany’s second largest utility, will discuss what RWE is doing to become the utility of the future and the steps they are taking to secure the most innovative and potent technologies to help build a 21st century energy enterprise.

TransForum East Set for Nov – GenerationHub’s TransForum East is scheduled for November 15-16 at the Capital Hilton in DC. TransForum East brings together electric transmission executives who operate, plan, build, regulate and invest in electric power transmission systems in Eastern North America.

This regional forum provides two days of interaction and collaboration on the business of power transmission. You’ll gain insight from case studies of successful business models, regional planning strategies, financing trends and practical lessons learned from new construction and upgraded transmission projects occurring in the United States and Canada.