Energy Update: Week of 12/4

Energy Update - December 04, 2017


I hope you got a great view of two things yesterday: 1) last night’s Super Moon and 2) the epic sign of Detroit Lions futility (and I’m not referring to the horrible performance in Baltimore).  The Super Moon was pretty spectacular, while in Michigan, demolition crews tried to implode the former home of the Lions, the Pontiac Silverdome to an epic fail. The highlighted links have the videos.  These launch a Super Busy Week starting today when President Trump heads to Utah where he is expected to announce that he will shrink the size of at least two national monuments.

Over the weekend, the Senate passed its tax reform bill which moves the process forward to this week.  Now, they will scramble to put together a House-Senate Conference as soon as this evening to hash out the differences.  While there are many out there, Axios has a good summary of a few energy issues at play in the tax plan including ANWR, corporate issues, EVs/Renewables, BEAT, AMT and oil/gas.  My tax expert colleague Liam Donovan is all over it and can answer your questions.  Follow him on twitter at @LPDonovan or at

Tomorrow, solar advocates including Abby Hopper will hold a presser at the National Press Club at 9:15 a.m. to roll out an approach for protecting the booming solar industry with an American First plan instead of harmful tariffs proposals.  Then on Wednesday, the US Trade Rep holds a public hearing to take comments on the solar tariffs.  Expect a whole lot of rallying from solar advocates who will be out in force across from the White House.  Already, a diverse group including the Campbell Soup Company, Schneider Electric, utility NextEra Energy and the National Electrical Contractors Assn have weighed in against tariffs.

Other events Wednesday include the Feminist Majority’s 30th Women, Money, Power Summit and the widely attended, popular Southern Company Holiday party at Union Station. Out of town on Wednesday, ALEC hosts its annual States & Nation Policy Summit, a three-day conference in Nashville consisting of intensive, in-depth sessions addressing issues that will be at the top of state legislative agendas the following year.

Then Thursday, President Trump will meet with Sen. Ted Cruz and several Cabinet members to discuss U.S. biofuel policy and fuel efficiency standards, holding the meeting Cruz and 8 other senators requested in October.  It will be a busy day for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt who will have to rush over to the White House from the House Energy Committee where he will start testifying earlier that morning.

Finally, two special honors: First, congrats to our colleague David Mann who attends his final MBA class tonight at Georgetown University. David, who handles many of PRG’s Admin and FEC/Lobbying filings (as well as serving as Segal’s gatekeeper) has been plugging away on his MBA for more than 3 years.  Secondly, this evening at City Tap House in Dupont, many of us will honor veteran energy reporter Chris Holly as he retires. Chris has long been one of the most savvy, intelligent and fair reporters, covering so many issues, it is hard for me to remember all of them.  He was one of the first reporters I worked with when I started on this beat 20-plus years ago when he was at McGraw-Hill’s Electric Utility Week.  He has since graced the pages of Energy Daily for the last 15 or so.  We have enjoyed working with him all these years, and certainly will miss his wit, tough reporting and intellect.

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“The time is ripe for EPA to grant substantive relief from the unique, adverse impacts the RFS program is having on the state of Texas. The extreme, detrimental impacts on large portions of the refining sector have now placed unacceptable burdens on the Texas economy and the economy and security of the nation as a whole.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott requesting a waiver from the Renewable Fuels Standard Friday.


Groundbreaking Fluorocarbon Conversion Technology Advances under Montreal Protocol – The groundbreaking HFC chemical conversion technology offered by Midwest Refrigerants advanced to next stage of commercialization with a decision by the Montreal Protocol Multi-Lateral Fund (MLF) recently. The timetable for development could lead to construction of first-ever commercial scale unit in China in 2018.  According to the decision of the MLF Executive Committee, UNDP will prepare a project business proposal to be submitted by March 26, 2018, for review, consideration, and approval for funding at its next meeting in June 2018. The decision also set a budget of $2.8 million to support the project. The project also received strong statements of support and encouragement from MLF representatives from the United States government.  UNDP will develop a project proposal between Midwest Refrigerants and LUXI Chemical, in Liaocheng City, China, for the conversion of HFC-23, a byproduct of the R-22 manufacturing process that is also a potent greenhouse gas. R-22 is used as a refrigerant that is being phased out under the Montreal Protocol and is also used as a feedstock for polymer manufacturing. The Midwest conversion technology, which operated in a pilot facility for more than 24 months, has been shown to convert fluorocarbon compounds to their original components suitable for reuse in the manufacturing process, while leaving no waste stream. At commercial scale, this technology is expected to be considerably less expensive and more sustainable than current destruction technology.  Happy to connect you Midwest’s Lew Steinberg if you are interested.

New Report: US is Most Attractive Place for Oil & Gas Investment in the World – The Fraser Institute recently released its annual Global Petroleum Survey ranking the appeal for investment in 97 oil and gas jurisdictions around the world. This year’s survey results found six of the top 10 most attractive regions in the world for oil and gas development are located in the United States: Texas (1st), Oklahoma (2nd), North Dakota (3rd), West Virginia (5th), Kansas (6th} and Wyoming (9th). In fact, according to the report, in the last six surveys, Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota, as well as Saskatchewan in Canada, are the only four jurisdictions in the world to consistently rank in the top 10. Three hundred thirty-three oil and gas executives and managers responded to this year’s survey, which evaluates jurisdictions based on investment factors such as fiscal terms, taxation, environmental regulations, regulatory costs, consistency and enforcement, political stability, quality of infrastructure and geology, and availability of a skilled workforce.

EIA Says Taller, More efficient Turbines Producing More – The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that installed wind turbines are taller and more efficient than in the past.  EIA found that the average height and power generating capacity for wind turbines installed in the country are taller and more efficient that in years past.  According to data on utility-scale electricity generators collected by EIA, wind turbine capacity is based largely on the length of the blades and taller turbines are able to not only have longer blades, but also take advantage of better wind resources that are available at greater heights.  The largest onshore turbines in the United States are in Texas, with capacities of 4 MW each. One of the world’s largest wind farms is also in Texas: the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center has 420 wind turbines spread over about 47,000 acres. The project has a combined electricity generating capacity of about 735 MW.  Turbines are taller now than they were in previous decades. Since 2012, the average height of wind turbines installed in the United States has been about 280 feet, or 80 meters. Before 2006, few wind turbines were as tall as 280 feet. Wind speed typically increases with altitude and increases over open areas without windbreaks such as trees or buildings. Favorable sites for wind turbines include the tops of smooth, rounded hills; open plains and water; and mountain gaps that funnel and intensify wind.

TX Gov Abbott Requests RFS Waiver – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott requested a waiver from the RFS late Abbott, in particular, cited high RIN prices as causing hardship to refiners across the state. He said as a result of the increasingly unpredictable cost of RINS, refiners are exploring all options to reduce these escalating costs, including exporting product, which reduces fuel inventories in the United States, increasing the cost of fuel available to U.S. consumers and decreasing the U.S.’s energy independence and self-reliance strategy mentioned in the goals of the legislation when passed.  Abbott also said small retailers are impacted dramatically.  According to Professor Bernard Weinstein, a distinguished economist at the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, “On a global scale, if profit margins for small, independent retailers continue to narrow in order to ‘meet the competition,’ even more of these businesses can be expected to fail in coming years. Fewer small retailers, in turn, will result in higher fuel prices for consumers along with a reduction in the services these businesses provide, such as auto repair and maintenance.”

Diverse Groups Urge Opposition to Solar Tariff – There were four interesting separate sectors weighing in in the USTR Comments opposed to Solar Tariffs: 1) Campbell Soup Company, 2) Schneider Electric 3) utility NextEra Energy and 4) the National Electrical Contractors Assn CEO John Grau.  These comments show the broad impacts that this policy could have on many companies, sectors, workers or consumers.   And remember Duke Energy also offered strong comments at the ITC docket.  I can send pdfs of all of these if you cannot find them.

Cape Wind Project Gives Up Lease – Cape Wind Associates will not go through with their proposed wind farm in Nantucket Sound, halting a controversial project that has been in the works for more than a decade.  Cape Wind will give up its 46-square-mile federal lease.  The decision was disappointing but not unexpected.  The project was dealt a major setback in January 2015, when Eversource and National Grid ended contracts to buy power from the turbines.  Then in 2016 when the state Energy Facilities Siting Board declined to extend permits for the project that had originally been issued in 2009. Interestingly, this project is not really representative of the current state of offshore wind, given that larger turbines are now being installed in truly offshore locations.  Deepwater Wind has successfully launched a project in Rhode Island and Current Statoil is moving forward with a project in leaded areas off New York.

US Rig Count Sees 4th Straight Week of Gains Baker Hughes said the number of US oil and natural gas rigs climbed by six to 929 last week — the fourth consecutive week of increases. Four new rigs were deployed in the Permian Basin and three were added to the Haynesville Shale, while North Dakota’s Williston Basin gained one rig.


Clean Edge, GridWise Alliance Host gridCONNEXT – GridWise Alliance and Clean Edge will host gridCONNEXT today through Wednesday in Washington, D.C. with hundreds of regulators, utility executives, corporations, and other industry stakeholders to explore the many grid modernization.

USGCRP to Take Comment – Today and tomorrow, the US Global Change Research Program is taking comments from the public at the National Academy of Sciences Building on topics like its Climate Communications Initiative, its Rising Seas Initiative and Building Resilience in the US-Mexico Drylands

EPA Holds Truck Emissions Kit Hearing – The EPA holds public hearings today on proposed repeal of emission requirements for glider vehicles, glider engines, and glider kits at EPA HQ.  The EPA earlier this month announced its plan to reclassify glider kits as non-new vehicles, thereby restricting the EPA’s ability to regulate their exhaust emissions, and to repeal the glider kit-specific provisions of the Phase 2 emissions regulations.

Climate Film to Be Screened – Tonight at 6:00 p.m., New America and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs hold a special screening of ‘The Age of Consequences,’ a documentary investigating the links between climate change, U.S. national security, and global stability.

Solar Tariff Opponents to Weigh-in at Press Club – Opponents of tariffs on solar imports will hold a briefing tomorrow at 9:15 a.m. at the National Press Club.  As the Trump Administration nears a determination on remedies for the Section 201 solar trade case, solar industry leaders will discuss the details of a true “America First” Plan for solar energy that supports domestic cell and panel manufacturing without destroying demand for American solar energy.  Experts will preview the U.S. Trade Representative hearing and discuss why the Administration should not impose quotas and tariffs on imports of these products and instead adopt an approach that will not inflate the cost of electricity for all Americans and harm workers, consumers and the U.S. economy.

ITC to Vote on Biodiesel Tariffs – Tomorrow at 9:30 a.m., the U.S. International Trade Commission holds meeting and vote on biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia.  In May, USITC determined that there is a reasonable indication that a U.S. industry was materially injured by reason of imports of biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia that are allegedly subsidized and sold in the United States at less than fair value.

EIA, Interior Noms Hearing Set – The Senate Energy Committee holds a hearing tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. on the nominations of Timothy Petty to be an assistant Interior secretary and Linda Capuano to be administrator of the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration.

Forum to Look at Media, Journalism, Trump – Talkers Magazine will host a forum at Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center In Washington DC looking at the Trump Administration and its coverage by the media.  A panel of talk show hosts including former talk show host and Hillsdale College radio station GM Scot Bertram, Dom Giordano of WPHT/Philadelphia, Hugh Hewitt of Salem Radio Network, Joe Madison SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Janet Parshall of the Moody Radio Network and Bill Press of the TYT Network.

Forum to Look at China Impact – The National Bureau of Asian Research will host a public panel discussion tomorrow at 3:45 p.m. in CVC 268 on China’s Growing Energy and Geopolitical Impact in Xi Jinping’s New Era. The event will also mark the launch of NBR’s 2017 Energy Security Program report on “Asia’s Energy Security and China’s Belt and Road Initiative.”  Rep. Ann Wagner leads the discussion.

Forum to Look at Climate Diplomacy – The German Marshall Fund is holding a forum tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. for a discussion on the future of climate action in the United States, the role of cities and regions in implementing international climate policy, and the importance of strong transatlantic leadership in this area of global concern.  The speaker will be Tim Robinson, Chief Counsel of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Roll Call Forum to Look at Infrastructure – Roll Call Live and CQ holds an infrastructure forum on Wednesday morning featuring expert analysis and bipartisan discussion to examine the many questions that infrastructure stakeholders and policymakers will face in the new administration.  Rep. Peter DeFazio and White House aide DJ Gribben.

USTR Hearing on Solar Trade Tariff – The US Trade Representative will hold a public hearing on Wednesday to discuss the solar tariff issue.

California AG Hits Press Club – The National Press Club Newsmakers Committee will host California AC Xavier Becerra at a Headliners Newsmaker news conference Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. in the club’s First Amendment Lounge. The news conference will look at Cali’s two dozen lawsuits challenging the Trump Administration’s efforts to make changes that affect immigrant rights, civil rights, environmental standards and consumer protections. Becerra will discuss these legal actions and other issues and will be moderated by Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Megerian.

Women, Power, Money Summit Set at Press Club – The Feminist Majority hosts its 30th annual Women Money Power Summit Wednesday at the National Press Club.  The summit brings together a combination of feminist thinkers, speakers, and activists as well as top political leaders. New strategies and campaigns to increase women’s economic and political clout and to stop the war on women and reproductive rights are always at the top of the agenda.  Main Speakers will include Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Mazie Hirono and Reps. Niki Tsongas and Maxine Waters.  Our colleague Dee Martin is a board member of FM.

Senate Enviro to Host Army Corps Nominee – The Senate Environment Committee holds a hearing Wednesday on the nomination of R.D. James to be assistant secretary of the Army for civil works.

WCEE to Host NatGas Leaders – The Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE) will hold a forum on Wednesday looking at the role of natural gas in the economy.  Dena Wiggins, President and CEO of the Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA), and Lori Traweek, Chief Operating Officer of the American Gas Association, will discuss how natural gas fits into our country’s energy future and how they rose to leadership in the energy world.

AEI to Host Ag Discussion – American Enterprise Institute will hold a forum on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. for a discussion on substantive reforms to US agricultural subsidy programs. AEI’s Vincent Smith will facilitate a discussion among these experts as they break apart the 2018 Farm Bill.  The event looks at the current state of the American farm sector.   In the newest papers of AEI’s “Agricultural Policy in Disarray” series, leading agricultural economists evaluate federal programs and regulations that affect conservation and the environment. Erik Lichtenberg will present his findings on conservation programs. Aaron Smith will discuss the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard. Nathan Hendricks will present his findings on the contentious debates between agricultural and environmental interests about the Clean Water Rule.

Wilson Forum Looks at Moving Villages – The Wilson Center will hold a forum on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. looking at moving villages due to climate change.  The event will feature the Village of Newtok, a Yupik Eskimo community of 450, faces certain destruction from a slow-moving climate disaster.  The discussion with Newtok’s leadership will focus on their experiences and struggles to preserve their Yupik way of life on their historic subsistence lands.

Senate Environment to Discuss Superfund Sites in Disasters – The Senate Environment Committee’s Superfund and Waste Management Subcommittee holds a hearing Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. on challenges facing Superfund and waste cleanup efforts following natural disasters.

Forum Looks at Future of Ag – The National Museum of Natural History and Resources for the Future will host a forum on Wednesday evening with Jesse Ausubel, Director and Senior Research Associate of the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University, for a look into the future as he explores how precision agriculture and better sources of food and fuel can benefit the natural world.  Ausubel’s work covers forests and farms, marine and human life, energy and materials. He marries climate and Earth sciences to elaborate the vision of a large, prosperous society that spares large amounts of land and sea for nature and emits little or nothing harmful into the atmosphere. This event is presented by Resources for the Future with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History as part of an ongoing series, Anthropocene: Life in the Age of Humans.

ALEC Conference Set for Nashville – Starting Wednesday in Nashville, the American Legislative Exchange Council hosts the States & Nation Policy Summit, a three-day conference consisting of intensive, in-depth educational sessions addressing issues that will be at the top of state legislative agendas the following year. Nearly 1,000 state and local lawmakers, policy experts and other stakeholders gather to explore the philosophical principles that guide a free society.

Forum to Look at NAFTA, Energy – The Washington International Trade Association holds an event Thursday at 9:00 a.m. the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center at as part of its NAFTA series on energy and NAFTA. The forum will look at NAFTA renegotiation’s impact on energy trade across North American borders, as well as its investment, jobs and North American energy independence.  Former Rep. Charles Boustany hosts API’s Jack Gerard, CSIS’s Sarah Ladislaw and Sergio Marchi of the Canadian Electricity Association.  Panel 2 includes our friend Maryam S. Brown of Sempra Energy, former State Department Energy envoy David Goldwyn and ADM’s Lorraine Hawley.

Pruitt to Head to House Energy Panel – The House Energy and Commerce Environment Subcommittee will hold a hearing on Thursday with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifying.  The appearance will be Pruitt’s first before the Energy and Commerce Committee.

House Resources to Look at Interior Dept Reforms – House Natural Resources panel lawmakers will review Interior Department reform proposals in a hearing on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.

House Transpo Roundtable to Look at Trucking Techs – On Thursday at 10:00 a.m., the House Transportation Committee’s Subcommittee on Highways and Transit will host a roundtable on emerging technologies in the trucking industry.

ASE Forum to Look at Biz Case for Energy Efficiency – The Alliance to Save Energy hosts a forum on Thursday at 12:00 p.m. to discuss the business case for tax incentives promoting energy efficiency.  From residential retrofits to commercial-scale systems improvements, energy efficiency upgrades deliver massive benefits to consumers, businesses and taxpayers – creating jobs and economic activity, saving money, and reducing harmful emissions while strengthening U.S. energy security. Yet the U.S. tax code no longer contains meaningful tax incentives for energy efficiency. Hear directly from leading businesses and advocates about tax policies new and old that could advance this important cause – and the business case for getting them done as Congress looks at rewriting the tax code.

CSIS to Release World Oil Outlook – The CSIS Energy & National Security Program is hosting the U.S. launch of OPEC’s World Oil Outlook 2017 (WOO) on Thursday at 2:00 p.m.  The WOO is OPEC’s outlook for medium- and long-term oil supply, demand, and downstream to 2040, factoring in the latest developments in global oil markets and OPEC production adjustments. The analysis includes the impacts of worldwide shifts in demographics, emissions reductions, and technological development in the oil sector.  The presentation of WOO 2017 will be given by OPEC’s Al-Qahtani.

POLITICO to Look at 2018 Mid-Terms – Playbookers Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman are going LIVE with POLITICO Playbook in a special extended version of the Playbook Audio Briefing on Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at the 6th & I Synagogue. The POLITICO Playbook Team and other key reporters will try to make sense of Washington as it marches toward mid-term elections in 2018.  Speakers will include POLITICO’s Rachel Bade, Annie Karni and Seung Min Kim, as well as Michael Barbaro of the New York Times, John Rogers of the National Republican Congressional Committee and Dan Sena of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

House Energy to Look at Cybersecurity, Energy – The House Energy and Commerce Energy Subcommittee holds a hearing on Friday at 9:00 a.m. examining the role of the Department of Energy in energy sector cybersecurity.  Bruce Walker, DOE’s Assistant Secretary of the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability will testify.

IPAA Exec to Address Energy Economists – The National Capital Area members of the US Assn of Energy Economist will host Fred Lawrence for their Friday lunch.  Lawrence, VP at the Independent Petroleum Association of America, will discuss the outlook for U.S. oil and natural gas, including shale export trends over the past two years, focus on the Independents in a Sector and demand and geopolitical reality vs. ideology.

Forum to Touch on Climate, Bonn Results – The GW Law School is hosting a roundtable discussion on Friday at Noon looking at the status of climate change policy under the Trump Administration. The discussion will draw on articles written for the recent Special Edition of the Climate and Carbon Law Review (CCLR).   The program will feature several CCLR authors including Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director of the Georgetown Climate Center at Georgetown Law, Professor Robert Glicksman from the George Washington University Law School, Fatima Ahmad and Jennifer Huang from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, and Charles Di Leva, visiting scholar at the Environmental Law Institute. Topics under discussion will include, the reaction of state and local authorities to the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, the fate of the Clean Power Plan and the flexibility of Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement.


Paris Forum to Focus on Anniversary – Forum to French President Macron will host the One Planet Summit on December 12 in Paris, on the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement. The Summit will focus specifically on climate finance. Heads of State will be invited to attend this meeting.

Nuclear Weapons Triad Forum Set – The Advanced Nuclear Weapons Alliance Deterrence Center (ANWA DC) will host the Inaugural morning forum on Capitol Hill on December 12th.  The event will feature key Members of Congress representing nuclear triad communities at Air Force and Naval bases, and NNSA sites, The group will also outline a series of 11 more 2018 forums and roundtables with key government officials, industry leaders and suppliers, and academic experts on the triad issues of the day, Each of these events will tackle the nuclear triad’s emerging issues and challenges, while sharing the successes, in the ongoing nuclear weapons enterprise modernization.

Energy Storage Forum Set –The 3rd annual U.S. Energy Storage Summit will be held in San Francisco on December 12th and 13th at the Hilton Union Square.  The forum will bring together utilities, financiers, regulators, technology innovators, and storage practitioners for two full days of data-intensive presentations, analyst-led panel sessions with industry leaders, and extensive, high-level networking.  Speakers will Include APRA-E’s Susan Babinec, Peter Klauer of Cal ISO, Cal PUC Commissioner Carla Peterman, ESA CEO (and former MD PSC Chair) Kelly Speakes-Backman and our friends Shayle Kann of GTM Research, Stephen Lacey and Justin Gerdes of Greentech Media.

Forum Set to Look at NatGas – On December 12th and 13th, the Energy Institute at Colorado State University (CSU) and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) will be co-hosting the CH4 Connections conference at CSU’s campus in Fort Collins. This conference, now in its fourth year, will focus on methane emissions quantification, mitigation, and capture for the natural gas industry, and will include a tour of the Methane Emissions Test and Evaluation Center (METEC) that will showcase the solutions under development and in field testing at the center.

NJ to Host NAFTA WebinarNational Journal will host a webinar on Thursday December 14th at 11:00 a.m. to look at renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.  In this webinar, speakers will examine NAFTA’s history, development, and future, and address the major players involved, each side’s key demands, the timeline, potential outcomes and the impact of President Trump’s rhetoric on the process.

Forum to Look at US-Mexico NatGas – The Latin American Dialogue hosts a panel discussion on Friday December 15th aimed at understanding the role of LNG for US energy exports and commercial ties in Latin America, as well as the US-Mexico energy relationship. As global energy trade grows and the United States looks to expand oil and gas exports, Latin American countries provide significant commercial opportunities for exporters and investors alike. It remains imperative that Latin American countries and the United States strive to find mutually beneficial opportunities in order to boost energy ties and expand energy cooperation.  Speakers include State’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Energy Resources John McCarrick, Sempra’s Mark Nelson, Leslie Palti-Guzman of the Rapidan Group and several others.

The Last Jedi Hits Theaters – DECEMBER 15th

CSIS to Host World Coal Report – On December 18th at 3:30 p.m., CSIS will host the launch of the IEA’s new report analyzing coal’s recent trends and forecasting its demand, supply, and trade through 2022.  Coal remains world’s dominant fuel. Under pressure from decarbonization, cheaper alternatives, and geopolitical shifts in demand, coal continues to be one of the most pressing questions in energy. Peter Fraser, Head of Division for Gas, Coal, and Power Markets at the International Energy Agency, will present the IEA’s report.

API’s Annual State of Energy Address – January 4th (expected).

75th Annual Global Globes – Can’t wait for Seth Myers to host this one from January 7th from Hollywood.

World Energy Outlook Set For Launch – On January 16th at 1:30 p.m., the CSIS Energy & National Security Program will host a forum and the U.S. launch of the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2017. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the IEA, will present the findings from the report.

Pruitt to Head to Senate Environment – The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will appear before the Committee on Jan. 31, 2018, making his first return to the panel nearly a year after his confirmation.