Product Safety Litigation Communication Support

When the plaintiffs’ bar targeted a popular outdoor recreational vehicle in an unprecedented public relations campaign to influence juries and jury pools and attract potential clients, the manufacturer turned to the PRG team.  The PRG team worked closely with the company’s in-house and external legal teams, as well as with its internal marketing and public relations group, to develop a comprehensive communications program that involved message and materials development, media training, traditional and new media outreach, advertising and public affairs.  PRG also developed a digital strategy to help protect the company’s brand against online attacks by the plaintiffs’ bar.  The result:  PRG’s program helped protect the company’s reputation while energizing the company’s customer base via grassroots activities to help defend the product.  The program also allowed the legal team to focus on defending the product in court while PRG handled all external litigation communications.  The company has been extremely successful in court and the online attacks and marketing efforts have all but disappeared.