Deepwater Horizon Response: Bringing a Big Idea into Play

During the Deepwater Horizon oil spill crisis, the owner of an overseas shipping company had an idea:  convert a supertanker the size of an aircraft carrier into an oil skimmer, and send it to the Gulf to help with the clean up.  The owner hired PRG to help secure federal approval to test the idea on the scene of the spill response.  The PRG team quickly organized an impromptu press conference that gave local media in Norfolk, VA a first glimpse of the potential solution – sparking a wave of national media interest.  The PRG team implemented an advocacy and public relations campaign to urge the Coast Guard to test the ship’s capabilities as quickly as possible.  Within three weeks after taking on the project, the PRG team secured agreement from National Incident Command to conduct a trial of the client’s ship at the site of the spill.  The PRG team generated well over 1,000 news stories globally, including features on the morning shows and nightly newscasts of all major U.S. networks and print outlets.